1. mellopwn:

    The fucking cat finally got the cheeseburger.

    We can all go home.

    The internet is over.

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  3. scaredofthepolice:

    The LTA tag is just saturated with quotes from Another Sad Song, which is kind of a shame considering Far Q is one of the best albums of the past 10 years.

    I moved back in with my mum, no job, no money, no hope, no fun.
    I owe about, a million grand, for my guitar, my amp and the band van.
    I Studied music at university, spend another million grand on tuition fees,
    and then left without a degree.


  4. ktsilence:

    The greatest city in the UK!?


  5. luciejoearmstrong-xx:

    my boyfriends band Kill the Silence, got a mention in Kerrang this week as West Yorkshire’s local heroes! Check them out! 

  7. ktsilence:

    We’re supporting blitz kids on the Leeds date of their uk tour on the 28th January!

  10. My life.