1. ME playing an acoustic cover of ‘Taping Songs Off The Radio’ by Lower Than Atlantis at The New Roscoe in Leeds!

  2. Let’s chat on Meow App: walshjs01. Get the App here: http://meow.me/?app

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    Well… Holy Shit… wow <3

  5. ktsilence:

    We decided we needed a little update on our logo, so this is what we’ll look like for the next while!

    We will be releasing the artwork for the official release of Get Out! Get Out! at 6pm! and the all important release date of course!

    Thanks to Synz Design for the logo!

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    ENTER SHIKARI - Warped Tour Europe 2013

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  10. mellopwn:

    The fucking cat finally got the cheeseburger.

    We can all go home.

    The internet is over.

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